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Candace Warner, Ph.D. - Diversity & Cultural Competency Specialists
Candace Warner, Ph.D.


Candace Warner started people3 because she is passionate about helping people learn about people. As a sociologist, academic researcher, trainer, and course designer, Warner has almost two decades of experience in understanding diversity and cultural demographics. Dr. Warner holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and completed her Ph.D. in Public Administration & Policy with a dissertation focused on diversity initiatives in local governments. She has over seven years experience coordinating diversity training sessions, cultural competency efforts, research, and consulting initiatives to improve workplace interactions. Warner has worked with health care agencies, manufacturing companies, technology firms, non-profit organizations, as well as public works, government, and police departments to develop training content and organize training initiatives.

The team members at people3 are experts in working with organizations through consulting, human resources, diversity training initiatives, and professional development. Whether your organization is interested in learning more about the dynamics of race, ethnicity, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic disadvantage, disabilities, religion, or any other topic, people3 can help.

Our people look forward to working with your people.


People3 specializes in diversity training and consulting services that improve the people relationships within organizations. We work with teams to deliver diversity seminars, cultural competency assessments and training, research initiatives, and consulting on all things related to diversity and cultural competency.


Our goals at people3 are simple…to provide customized and impactful diversity training, consulting, and research services that improve the people relationships within organizations. It’s our view that if people are happy, they will be better performers and produce results…and then the organization can go about its business.


People3 is a for-profit benefit corporation. We believe in treating people and the environment with just as much respect as we advocate for others. Benefit corporations focus on a social mission that supersedes​ profit. People3 is proud to join the growing list of U.S. benefit corporations.

our approach

At people3 we strive to be a different kind of training company. We listen and assess what your organization needs. We spend time discovering the real issues, the key concerns, and the current climate of your organization. We customize the training to match those needs. We understand that people are complex, complicated, and diversity comes in many forms. Training should not come in a canned, one size fits all solution. Let our people help your people.

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