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unconscious bias

We don’t always see our blind spots.    

Personal experiences, backgrounds, stereotyping, and cultural context can impact our decisions and actions without us even realizing it. This is unconscious bias.

Unconscious bias is all about perceptions. Perceptions that either favor someone or disadvantage someone in our minds because of their race, gender, abilities, you name it. Even their accent or face shape.

How we see one another and the lenses we use impacts an organization’s culture, employees, and processes. Unconscious bias can impact recruiting, hiring, and promotions if individual biases go unchecked.

People3 uses unconscious bias research to help your team members understand the process and implications of unconscious bias. Can we get rid of unconscious bias completely? No. But we can help your team members mitigate unconscious bias within themselves and within the organization. 

At people3, we like to say that while you can’t get rid of unconscious bias—after all—it is unconscious, but you can create awareness that can help mitigate those blind spots. We can help your team do that.