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research and consulting

People3 provides assessments, research, and consulting services therefore improving all of your people experiences.


Attend a scheduled workshop on a variety of content areas at one of our on-site locations in Nashville.

group training

Our dedicated staff works with your organization to customize training services because meeting the needs of your people is important to you.

intercultural trips

We work with host countries to coordinate an immersive cultural learning experience for your team members.

one-on-one coaching

Coordination of one-on-one training virtually or in-person with a specialized content focus.

online training

We're hard at work to begin offering efficient online training options. COMING SOON

Our Work

People3 is a benefit corporation that provides cultural competency-centered research, inclusion-centered consulting, and diversity training services to small, medium, and large organizations across private, non-profit, and government sectors to most importantly facilitate inclusion.

Above all, our goal is to assist organizations in the navigation of diversity and cultural differences among organization members and employees, as well as the customers or population groups they serve.

The team at people3 can help teams navigate a range of people differences, including gender, race, ethnicity, language, culture, sexuality, religion, socioeconomic status, and disabilities.

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We started people3 to be a different kind of training company. One where learning is the centerpiece, everyone has a voice, all forms of diversity matter, and compliance is not the primary concern.

People are complicated. People are complex. People are motivated by different things. But ultimately we believe that people have the capacity to get along and make strides to understand one another. When they do, they make better workers, team members, colleagues, and leaders. And ultimately they are better people.

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